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DU-A’A 191 In order to make or establish like anywhere between man and wife recite surah an enthusiastic Nisa 7 minutes twenty four hours

DU-A’A 191 In order to make or establish like anywhere between man and wife recite surah an enthusiastic Nisa 7 minutes twenty four hours

DU-A’A 192 To get rid of misunderstanding and you can discord and you can alternatively create love and information ranging from boy and you can girlfriend repeat surah al Jumu-ah (chaopter 62) towards Monday and you may invoke the latest almighty Allah to get to know your focus

DU-A’A 181 So you’re able to invoke new almighty Allah one a grown son or a woman end up being accordingly hitched, recite the second du-a’a shortly after offering gift suggestions for the deserving mumin brothers otherwise sisters. YAA MUSABBIBAL ASBAABI YAA MUFTTIH ‘AL ABWAABI YAA Boy H’AYTHU MAA DU-I’YA AJAABA DU-A’A 182 Based on Biharul Anwar to help you invoke the new almighty Allah that a grown child getting suitably married repeat the second du-a’a a hundred minutes every single day to possess 40 straight days after one necessary salat. SAHLAM BIFAZ “LIKA YAA A’ZEEZ DU-A’A 183 It is written in Bihar al Anwar if a grown up woman isn’t acquiring any bring off relationship, the woman dad is always to pray a two rak-within salat (such as for instance Fajr salat) to the Tuesday after Jumuah prayers and you can adopting the salam enter Sajdah and you will recite surah al Muzzammil (chapter 73) 21 times. Inshallah quickly she will feel partnered so you can an appropriate son. DU-A’A 184 It’s printed in Biharul Anwar to type the fresh after the portion of verse 132 regarding during the Ta Ha to your a great paper toward service out of musk, saffron and you may rose-water and you can join it a Ta’wid into suitable sleeve, in the event the one wants to be partnered in the near future. Join several other Ta’wid particularly above to the right sleeve of your man or woman who is actually discussing the fresh proposition of wedding. NAH’NU NARZUQUK WAL A’AQIBATU LITTAQWAA DU-A’A 185 It’s written in Kanzul Maknun to enter the following du-a’a on a magazine such as for example an effective Ta’wid and you may join they with the the best case of one’s grown woman who’s not getting people render off marriage. Inshallah, in the near future she’s going to get into that it du-a’a, it needs to be removed throughout the menses. YAA NOORA KULLI SHAY-Within the WA HUDAAHU ANTALLAD’EE FALAQAZ’ Z’ULUMAATI BINOORUHOO DU-A’A 186 Based on Imam Jafar container Muhammad once the Sadiq, it’s printed in Biharul Anwar, anyone who would like to marry will be repeat the next du-a’a before generally making a proper request relationship. ALLAAHUMMA INNEE UREEDU An ANTAZAWWAJA FAQADDIR LEE MINAN NISAA-IA’FIHUNNA FARJAN WA AH’FAZ’IHUNNA LEE Commission NAFSIHAA WA AWSA-I’HUNNA LEE RIZQAN WA A’-Z’AMIHUNNA LEE BARAKATAN Payment NAFSIHAA WA MAALEE FAQADDIR LEE MINHAA WALADAN T’AYYIBAN TAJ-A’LUHOO KHALAFAN S’AALIH’AN Fee H’AYYAATEE WA BA’-Da MAWTEE Contd.. 41

DU-A’A 193 To help make or establish like between man and you may partner recite surah al Quraysh (section 106) to the flowers and you will both of them will be smelling her or him

DU-A’A 187 It is printed in Biharul Anwar that if uncontrollable impediments are obstructing their matrimony build the next passages (Ta Ha: 131, 132) that have saffron and keep maintaining it on your body. Inshallah most of the hindrances will disappear. WA LAA TAMUDDANNA A’YNAYKA ILAA MAA MATTA’NAA BIHEE AZWAJAM MINHUM ZAHRATAL H’AYAATID DUNYAA LINAFTINAHUM FEEH WA RIZQU RABBIKA KHAYRUW WA ABQAA WA-MUR AHLAKA BIS-S’ALAATI WAS’T ABIR A’LAYHAA LAA NAS-ALUKA RIZQAA NAH’NU NARZUQUK WAL A’AQIBATU LITTAQWAA. DU-A’A 188 It is printed in Biharul Anwar that Imam Muhammad bin Ali al Baqir told you : “Just after Nikah (marriage) when the bride to be and you may groom are located in their residence, one another would be to hope a-two rakat salat. They is always to say salawat and all sorts of those who have started with these people should also state salawat and amin. DU-A’A 190 To make or produce like between boy and wife repeat BISMILLAHIR RAHMAN NIR RAHIM 786 minutes toward one glass of brush (pure) drinking water and provide willow-quizzen they for the companion to have sipping. DU-A’A 194 To eliminate misunderstanding and dissension and you will alternatively manage like and you will skills ranging from boy and spouse repeat (AL MAANI-U) the newest preventer as many times as you are able to. DU-A’A 195

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